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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dried Yeast in Ireland

I have been thinking for a while to swith from fresh yeast to the dried one, the main reasons are

1) Fresh Yeast is kind of difficult to find in Ireland, although most Polish shop should store it nowadays
2) When you manage to find it, it does not seem fresh to me. Fresh yeast should be crumbly, while the one I can buy it is not.
3) Fresh Yeast is persishable
4) Dried and fresh yeast should give the same final result if used properly
5) Very small quantity can be measured more accurately using measuring spoons and dried yeast, rather than
     fresh yeast with a digital scale with 1gr steps.

Dried Yeast available in Ireland

Tesco - Fast Action Dried Yeast
Allinson - Dried Active Yeast   allinson
Allinson - Easy Bake Yeast      allinson
McDougalls Dried Yeast Fast Action
DCL Yeast  Active dried Yeast  dclyeast

DCL Instant Yeast dclyeast
Doves Farm Original dry yeast  dovesfarm
Doves Farm quick yeast

Tesco - Fast Action Dried Yeast
It can be found in any Tesco shop
It's 99c 8x7gr sachet

Allinson - Easy Bake Yeast
I was able to find it here

Holland and Barrett
Henry Street, Dublin
17 Henry Street
Dublin 2
Phone:  00353 18749818

It's 1.29 Euros 2x7gr sachet (pretty expensive)

Allinson - Dried Active Yeast
I bought a tin of 125gr for 4 Euros at the Asian Food shop you can find at the end of Henry street.

Doves Farm quick yeast
This is listed on the Holland and Barrett Irish website, but I could not find it in store.


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